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Global titanium bicycle market is growing rapidly.

Global titanium bicycle market is growing rapidly.

List of Patents and Patent applications

  • Z. Zak Fang et al., Powder metallurgy methods for the production of fine and ultrafine grain Ti and Ti alloys, US patent 9,816,157 B2
  • Z. Zak Fang et al., Methods of producing a titanium product, US Patent App. 14/935,245
  • Z. Zak Fang et al., Molten salt de-oxygenation of metal powders, US Patent App. 15/314,464
  • Ying Zhang et al., Methods of deoxygenating metals having oxygen dissolved therein in a solid solution, US Patent 9,669,464

List of Publications

  • Z. Zak Fang et al., Hydrogen Sintering of Titanium to Produce High Density Fine Grain Titanium Alloys, Advanced Engineering Materials, 14 (2012): 383-387.
  • Pei Sun et al., An Experimental Study of the (Ti-6Al-4V)-xH Phase Diagram using in situ Synchrotron XRD and TGA/DSC Techniques, Acta Materialia 84(2015):29-41.
  • Pei Sun, et al., Phase Transformations and Formation of Ultra-fine Microstructure during Hydrogen Sintering and Phase Transformation (HSPT) Processing of Ti-6Al-4V, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 46(2015):5546-5560.
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Approximately 14% of Boeing 787 is made of titanium.