Specialty Alloy Powder for Additive Manufacturing

Blacksand is a leader in the development of low-cost processes for making titanium alloy powders and component via its suite of patented titanium powder production and sintering technologies. We have the ability to develop and bring to market new and customized alloy powders for additive manufacturing including titanium alloys, reactive metal alloys, refractory metal alloys, ferrous alloys, nickel alloys, and wear resistant hard materials for specialty applications.


Blacksand Technology

Blacksand Technology LLC specializes in powder metallurgy of titanium. We have developed a low cost thermochemical process for production of spherical and non-spherical powder of pure Ti as well Ti alloy directly from titanium oxides to compete with the conventional Kroll process. In addition to this Blacksand has developed a sintering technology that can produce near-net-shape components of titanium alloys with wrought-like microstructure and mechanical properties at a fraction of the cost of conventional wrought Ti alloys. Blacksand has recently expanded the application areas of its powder production process technology and are now able to make spherical powders of a range of refractory metal alloys, high entropy alloys, and other specialty alloy powders. We provide R&D services as well as pilot scale production of customized alloy powders meeting customers' unique requirements.

Key Technologies & Products

Low cost and low oxygen Ti and Ti alloy powder (HAMR Technology)

A novel process to produce titanium and alloy powders to compete with Ti sponge used in production of billets and powders for use with PM manufacturing

Sintered Ti Products (HSPT Technology)

 A novel sintering method to obtain Ti –Ti alloy products equivalent to wrought alloy properties

Spherical Ti Alloy Powder for Additive Manufacturing (GSD Technology)

A low cost environment friendly process to produce spherical titanium and titanium alloy powders for use with Additive Manufacturing

Deoxygenation of Ti and other reactive metals

This technology used in GSD and HAMR process can also be used as a standalone process to reduce the oxygen content of recycled powder that may have oxygen content higher than 0.2 wt.% 

Spherical refractory metal as well as other specialty alloys powders

Blacksand developed a meltless process to produce spherical refractory alloy metal powders for use in additive manufacturing and other advanced manufacturing.



Our Mission

We develop technology and processes for making specialty alloy powders for additive manufacturing and/or other near net shape manufacturing processes. 

Capabilities include

  1. Technology to make specialty alloy powders
  2. Sintered titanium alloy products
  3. Small scale production of powder meeting user’s chemistry and size/shape requirements
  4. Testing and characterization of powders
  5. Mechanical properties testing
  6. Binder Jet 3D printing
  7. SLM 3D laser printing (via partners)


We provide R&D service and small scale production of specialty powders meeting customer requirements

Blacksand Technology can produce novel titanium alloy powders that can be used in near net shape pressing and sintering of parts to compete with conventional machined parts from wrought alloys

Approximately 14% of Boeing 787 is made of titanium.

Approximately 14% of Boeing 787 is made of titanium.

Our Blogs

Why, after 40 years of R&D, the market of PM Ti is next to nothing?

Issues plaguing conventional Powder metallurgy of Ti are; Not achieving desired properties and microstructure  Powder is too expensive We have demonstrated ability to address these issues by producing powders at a lower cost and using near net shape manufacturing process followed by our proprietary post heat treatment to obtain desired microstructure and properties of titanium […]

Metal Powders

Production of spherical powders of novel chemistry are not readily available. Big companies can produce high volume standard spherical powders. If a customer needs to experiment with a non-standard composition and size distribution it is almost impossible to get these powders. Blacksand technologies can provide customers of unique composition and size distribution of spherical or […]